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Botava Assistant is a conversational AI solution that can be easily customized for various applications in organizations using the latest artificial intelligence and machine learning methods. Botava helps companies communicate with users or customers 24 hours a day at low cost and also be able to provide appropriate feedback to customers using information data they have already learned

A guide to using smart chatbots In businesses

To download the e-book Applications and Benefits of Using Smart Chats in Businesses, refer to the following link.

View Sample Chatbots

Dialog Tree Design

View sample chatbots

Dialog tree design

_ How to present? _

Botava can be presented in two ways:

Live web chat plugin

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Botava mobile application

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Introducing Botava


_ Monthly subscription fee _

Batava engine license fee and fixed installation fee will be charged only once.

The cost of product customization requires expertise, and will be determined by the multiplicity of intentions and entities and the complexity of the designed dialogue.

Frequently Asked Questions

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