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Today, content production in business has a high value and has various applications for writers, journalists, lawyers, doctors, public relations departments of organizations and so on. You will be able to convert all your audio files to text with the help of Farsava software and its web panel This software has special features such as editing, saving files, sharing, the ability to receive audio files in various formats, convert it to text and also measure the accuracy of converting files.

Programmers and developers can also add Farsava service, i.e. the ability to convert speech to text and text to speech to their websites and applications.

Desktop Version

Desktop version of the software

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_ Other Farsava products _

Text-to-speech (TTS)

One of Farsava services is text-to-speech that can receive given texts and convert them to speech. In the latest version of this service, the type of speech broadcast is very close to the speech of a real human being. One of the most important uses of this service is to use it in routing applications to read addresses and routing instructions.

Keyword Spotting (KWS)

In many cases, instead of recognizing all the words expressed in the audio files, it is necessary to recognize certain words. For this purpose, a product has been produced for keyword extraction (Keyword spotting). This product is able to recognize and extract keywords expressed in audio files with more accuracy (20%) than converting speech to text.

- Introducing Farsava -

_ Farsava Tariffs _

If organizational customers need to install and use Farsava product on the internal server, the basis for pricing is the amount of processing and hardware required to convert speech to text, which will be announced to the customer after the initial expertise.

You will only pay once by purchasing the Farsava package (as a software package on the customer’s internal server) and you will not need to pay for the service on a monthly basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

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